March 28, 2017


SEA has 180 student members and over 800 alumni members. A partial list of past and present board members can be found here.


  • Co-President: Diego Hentschel in-2crev-128px-r
  • Co-President: William Xu in-2crev-128px-r
  • Vice-President: Astha Ummat in-2crev-128px-r
  • Treasurer: Stephane Slotten in-2crev-128px-r
  • Alumni Outreach Director: Sha Du in-2crev-128px-r
  • Communications Director: Michele Riotta in-2crev-128px-r
  • Competitions Director: David Maravilla in-2crev-128px-r
  • Events Co-Director: Mario Lopez Ahumada in-2crev-128px-r
  • Events Co-Director: Yunwen Sun in-2crev-128px-r
  • External Outreach Co-Director: Jeff Lepley in-2crev-128px-r
  • External Outreach Co-Director: Cinthia Liu in-2crev-128px-r
  • Membership Director: Amy Zhao in-2crev-128px-r
  • Operations Director: Caroline Zhu in-2crev-128px-r
  • Symposium Co-Director: Lilian Dong in-2crev-128px-r
  • Symposium Co-Director: Marisol Leos in-2crev-128px-r
  • Symposium Co-Director: Akhmad Sani in-2crev-128px-r
  • Women in Energy Co-Director: Michelle Hua in-2crev-128px-r
  • Women in Energy Co-Director: Yemi Melka in-2crev-128px-r


  • Co-President: Joseph Crnich
  • Co-President: Eleanor Shi
  • Vice-President: Ilya Karnaukhov
  • Treasurer: Felix Tan
  • Alumni Outreach Director: Anirudh Sharma
  • Communications Director: Katherine Sullivan
  • Competitions Director: Sergio Verdugo
  • Events Co-Director: Utsav Adhikari
  • Events Co-Director: Tom Rollason
  • External Outreach Co-Director: Charles Eberly
  • External Outreach Co-Director: Yuan Tian
  • External Outreach Co-Director: Matus Muron
  • Membership Director: Chris Westling
  • Operations Director: Benjamin Cerini
  • Symposium Co-Director: Jeewon Kim
  • Symposium Co-Director: Colleen Driscoll
  • Women in Energy Co-Director: Cathy Chen
  • Women in Energy Co-Director: Eva (Deb) Castro


  • Co-President: Jamie Hutson
  • Co-President: Shirin Jamshidi
  • Vice-President: Goksenin Ozturkeri
  • Treasurer: Hamilton Foster
  • Alumni Relations Director: Akos Losz
  • Communications Director: Nathan Harold
  • Competitions Director: Aaron Shortell
  • Events Co-Director: Rodrigo Parra-Ferro
  • Events Co-Director: Felix Tan
  • External Outreach Co-Director: Nick Albanese
  • External Outreach Co-Director: Tianying Lan
  • Membership Director: Bartek Walentynski
  • Symposium Co-Director: Joel Smith
  • Symposium Co-Director: Mario Gonzalez
  • Symposium Co-Director: John Young
  • Women in Energy Co-Director: Meixi Gan
  • Women in Energy Co-Director: Caitlin O’Donnell