How to get a better EPC score

Energy performance certificates are a legal requirement if you are renting or buying a property and your current one is more than 10 years old. EPCs tell homeowners how energy-efficient the property is through a rating from A to G, which categorises the efficiency of the building depending on a number of factors such as installation quality, renewable energy and heating systems.

One of the biggest ways most properties can improve their EPC is by getting a new boiler. A new boiler will make an EPC jump up several grades. The next big thing that to improve the energy rating on is double glazed windows. Double or triple glazed windows have a big affect on a property’s energy rating as windows are a big source of heat loss in a property (if you’ve ever put your face near to a window during winter you will know why!). Thirdly, insulating your house effectively through cavity wall insulation or attic insulation also has a huge impact and is relatively low cost. Cavity wall insulation can be installed in afternoon, only cost a around £200 and you will feel a noticeable difference on the warmth and energy bills you are paying.

Many landlords are often thinking about the cheapest way they can improve the EPC or how they can get the best score without making large-scale changes. Whilst you can get quite far with insulating alone, you may have to do larger scale things such as replacing your boiler and changing the windows to get a better score. It all depends on the age of your property and what you are currently missing at the moment. My personal opinion is that the new boiler is probably one of the best things you can do to get a better rating as you can buy install one in a property for around £3000 and it can have a big impact on both the energy rating and the quality of living for the tenant.