About Us

SIPA Energy Association (SEA) is a student-run organization dedicated to building relationships among SIPA students and energy sector practitioners in the field. In tandem with industry leaders, SEA further endeavors to educate SIPA students about professional opportunities in energy and to foster information-sharing that complements SIPA’s curriculum in Energy and Environment. SEA’s diverse membership brings a variety of professional backgrounds to the organization. Its student members are enrolled in a number of Columbia University programs and SIPA concentrations, including energy, finance, environmental policy, development, sustainability and security. SEA’s members aspire to careers in fields that will directly impact the world’s energy future.

SEA has 180 student members and over 800 alumni members. A partial list of past and present board members can be found here.


  • Co-President: Diego Hentschel 
  • Co-President: William Xu 
  • Vice-President: Astha Ummat 
  • Treasurer: Stephane Slotten 
  • Alumni Outreach Director: Sha Du 
  • Communications Director: Michele Riotta 
  • Competitions Director: David Maravilla 
  • Events Co-Director: Mario Lopez Ahumada 
  • Events Co-Director: Yunwen Sun 
  • External Outreach Co-Director: Jeff Lepley 
  • External Outreach Co-Director: Cinthia Liu 
  • Membership Director: Amy Zhao 
  • Operations Director: Caroline Zhu 
  • Symposium Co-Director: Lilian Dong 
  • Symposium Co-Director: Marisol Leos 
  • Symposium Co-Director: Akhmad Sani 
  • Women in Energy Co-Director: Michelle Hua 
  • Women in Energy Co-Director: Yemi Melka 


  • Co-President: Joseph Crnich
  • Co-President: Eleanor Shi
  • Vice-President: Ilya Karnaukhov
  • Treasurer: Felix Tan
  • Alumni Outreach Director: Anirudh Sharma
  • Communications Director: Katherine Sullivan
  • Competitions Director: Sergio Verdugo
  • Events Co-Director: Utsav Adhikari
  • Events Co-Director: Tom Rollason
  • External Outreach Co-Director: Charles Eberly
  • External Outreach Co-Director: Yuan Tian
  • External Outreach Co-Director: Matus Muron
  • Membership Director: Chris Westling
  • Operations Director: Benjamin Cerini
  • Symposium Co-Director: Jeewon Kim
  • Symposium Co-Director: Colleen Driscoll
  • Women in Energy Co-Director: Cathy Chen
  • Women in Energy Co-Director: Eva (Deb) Castro


  • Co-President: Jamie Hutson
  • Co-President: Shirin Jamshidi
  • Vice-President: Goksenin Ozturkeri
  • Treasurer: Hamilton Foster
  • Alumni Relations Director: Akos Losz
  • Communications Director: Nathan Harold
  • Competitions Director: Aaron Shortell
  • Events Co-Director: Rodrigo Parra-Ferro
  • Events Co-Director: Felix Tan
  • External Outreach Co-Director: Nick Albanese
  • External Outreach Co-Director: Tianying Lan
  • Membership Director: Bartek Walentynski
  • Symposium Co-Director: Joel Smith
  • Symposium Co-Director: Mario Gonzalez
  • Symposium Co-Director: John Young
  • Women in Energy Co-Director: Meixi Gan
  • Women in Energy Co-Director: Caitlin O’Donnell