Networking Treks

SEA leads two networking treks each year, one to San Francisco in the Fall and another to Houston in the Spring. SEA co-sponsors these Treks with the Columbia University Business School Energy Club. Past Treks have resulted in internship and full-time job offers for SEA members. SEA plans to add additional Trek to Stamford, CT and Washington, D.C. in coming semesters.

What is the purpose of a Trek?

  1. Gain current industry perspectives from leading energy and energy services professionals.
  2. Link academic studies with operational day-to-day strategies within the industry.
  3. Learn more about the culture and strategy of energy companies.

What value can SEA provide to firms?

  • Our club members come from dozens of countries and represent some of the leading talent that will soon enter the energy sector; many are actively looking for jobs and/or internships. While Treks are not promoted as recruiting trips, Treks do provide a unique opportunity for companies to connect with a top talent pool that normally may be challenging to reach directly due to geographic constraints. Organizations are provided with a resume book in advance.

What encompasses a Trek?

  • Working Lunches with mid-level professionals.
  • Executive Dinners with experienced professionals.
  • Happy Hours with Columbia University alumni, hosted in partnership with local energy clubs.
  • Company Briefings with human resources.
  • Site Visits (ex. turbine production facilities, oil fields, etc.).
  • Panel Discussions with leading energy thought-leaders.